My must have baby items!

So when you become a mother there are a million things you are told you “NEED” and believe me I got it all! However the only things that your baby really needs is love, food, and what feels like a million diaper changes. With that said, I HAVE discovered a few things that make it a whole lot easier :). Warner is almost 6 months old now and in that time I have really been able to figure out the things that I really love, use on a daily basis, and would recommend to all you mamas out there! So lets get started!

#1 Car Seat Cover


Okay this thing has been invaluable! So… you have this new, tiny, precious baby, and while you would love nothing more than to stay cuddled up on the couch with your little bundle of joy, life happens and you are running out of all that yummy food that family and friends have brought to you. It’s time to go to the dreaded grocery store (with your little one in tow) full of sweet old ladies that want to touch your baby. This cover acts as people-repellant. I swear no one ever approaches me wanting to sneak a peak or pinch those little cheeks when I have this on my car seat in the store, and that is totally not the case otherwise.  Now that he is a little older, I don’t always use the cover since I am not so paranoid of germs. The particular cover that I purchased is by Copper & Pearl.  They come in tons of patterns and are made of the softest material! This cover has a few different functions: first a car seat cover (obviously), second a nursing cover, and third a shopping cart seat cover when your little one is big enough to sit up in the cart! I also use it as a blanket for Warner some times 🙂

#2 A Video Baby Monitor


We started putting Warner in his nursery when he was about two weeks old, which was a little nerve wracking to say the least. This video monitor has given me so much peace of mind because it allows me to see my little sweetie sleeping safe and sound. This Samsung one is awesome! The screen is huge and it has great zoom functions so you can get a good view of baby! It also has a lullaby function so you can play one of the four lullabies or all four on a loop. It also has an intercom button that allows you to soothe baby from another room!

#3 Baby Exersaucer


This is a must have baby item for me because Warner’s pediatrician diagnosed him with Torticollis. This basically means the muscles on one side of his neck are slightly shorter than on the other side, creating a slight tilt of his head. This is pretty common in petite mamas (I’m 5’1″). Therefore, it is even more important for him to be up off his back in a sitting position to strengthen those neck muscles. The physical therapist he is seeing recommended that we get him an exersaucer and this thing has been amazing! Warner loves playing with all the different activities on it! Even if your baby doesn’t have any extra reasons to be up off their back, this is just another great activity (in addition to tummy time) that can stimulate their cognitive development as well as their motor skills! I got this Baby Einstein’s one from Amazon.

#4 The City Select Stroller by Baby Jogger


I cannot say enough good things about this stroller! It is a little on the pricier side as far as stollers go BUT it is worth every penny!! I did a lot of market research before we decided this was the stroller for us. I am pretty picky, if you know me this does not come as a shock to you at all 😉 Ethan always tells me I never know what I want, but only what I DON’T want. With that said I really didn’t want a travel system. There just weren’t any that I liked both the stroller and the car seat. However, this stroller has adapters that you can purchase to create your own travel system with certain car seats! We have the Uppa Baby Mesa which I also LOVE and will link below. Another thing I love about this stroller is that it is all terrain, yet it is still light weight. You can seriously take this thing EVERYWHERE. The thing I love the most about this stroller is how versatile it is. We hope to have more children and decently close in age. This means that we will be carrying them on the same stroller and I didn’t want to buy a single stroller now and then have to buy a double stroller later. Plus I hate how bulky the side by side double strollers are when trying to get in and out of places. I’ll have a picture down below of all the ways you can change up this stroller to accommodate your kiddos!


#5 The Boppy Pillow

I had seen these when I was pregnant but I didn’t really get it. I just figured you could hold your baby or use a regular pillow and feed them (which I have had to do in a pinch when I have forgot the Boppy when traveling). No thank you! That actually really killed my back. Thank goodness for my mother-in-law who asked me as soon as they got to the hospital to see us (shortly after delivery) if I had one.  Unfortunately I didn’t. My sweet in laws ran out right away and picked one up for me and I have been using it every day since!!  Another reason I love this thing is not only is it great for nursing, it has also been great for tummy time. In the beginning stages of tummy time, having that little extra elevation really helped Warner get the hang of holding his head up. Now that he knows how to roll over (which he tries to do the second I put him on his stomach) it works nicely to keep him from being able to get out of tummy time, for a little while at least! 😉

#6 The Halo Sleep Sack


This is another one of those items that just gives me peace of mind when I put Warner down to sleep. Warner has been quite the mover from the get go! We did put him in a swaddle until he was around 3 weeks old but even with the Velcro kind, he still somehow found a way to get his arms out. I would put him facing one way at night and when I go to wake him up in the morning, he has completely turned around with his head at the other end of the bed. Like I said, he’s a mover! I love that I can zip him up in this cozy little sleep sack and know that he will stay warm and safe, while still having the mobility he desires by having his arms free.

So there it is! These are some of my most used and loved baby items. I can honestly say that I would purchase them a million times over! I hope that you find this helpful in some way as you are searching through the thousands of baby things out there. I know that it is overwhelming but hang in there, you got this! I will link everything I’ve mentioned below so you can check it out if you are interested!




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