September in review 

Hey guys, so it always feels like I have tons of random things that I would love to share with you but they are just that, random, and don’t really merit having an entire post all to themselves. Sooooo, I have decided that at the end of each month I will just do a post dedicated to a little recap of what went on that month! With that said, this will probably be a long one so grab yourself a cup of joe, tea, hot chocolate, or what ever floats your boat. Cuddle up on the couch with a cozy blanket and let’s get into whats been going on over at the Smith house :).

I love to travel whether it be on a vacation we have been planning or just a quick trip to Tennessee to see family. However, I also love a good staycation to just relax at home and have some down time. Ethan’s job keeps us close to home every September so this month has been pretty nice not feeling like I am living out of a suit case lol. Plus, as you know traveling with a baby means you pack up the entire house anywhere you go. BUT I do really miss our family and cannot wait to visit with them in the months to come. Okay now for what’s up with Warner, books I’m loving, and my monthly favorites!



I cannot believe that this little kiddo graced us with his presence 6 MONTHS AGO! Guys, time is flying by at warp speed and I just want it to slow down. It truly amazes me how much he learns each day and how much he is growing. Warner is now 27 and a half inches long, and 18 pounds! His new favorite thing is to roll around the entire living room, or really whatever room he happens to be in at the time. If he is on the floor you can bet he is rolling. Since his new found love for rolling onto his belly he has decided that he is going to be a stomach sleeper! I know back is best and trust me when I put him in his crib for naps and bed time I put him on his back, but not two seconds later and he has flipped himself over. What are you gonna do? This made me so nervous at first I was constantly wanting to go into his room and turn him back over. People instill such a fear in you that your baby has to be on their back, but I brought it up with Warner’s pediatrician at his 6 month appointment and he assured us that if he can roll himself back to his back there is nothing to worry about and no need to go in and flip him back over! In other news Warner FINALLY got his first tooth this month! It has only just broke the skin so we are still waiting for it to come all the way in. He is now eating baby food and has been for a little while now. He really doesn’t like fruit at all, his faves are carrots, peas, and sweet potatoes.

G O O D   R E A D S


This section is by no means going to be book reviews, but simply books that I have read this month, liked, and want to share with you! The first one I finished was Drew Barrymore’s ‘Wildflower’. I love a good autobiography. In fact it is probably my favorite type of book to read. Maybe it’s because if the person’s life is interesting it reads like fiction? This one however doesn’t read like a typical autobiography going in sequential order of her life. It more just covers events in her life spanning from childhood to adulthood in no particular order. The next book I read was ‘The Wedding Chapel,’ this one was just a good ole love story following the perspective of four different characters whose lives intertwine. If you like Nicholas Sparks you would like this one. The third book I finished was ‘Maid to Match’ this one takes place in the late 1800’s and most definitely has a Downton Abbey vibe going on so if you were into that then you will be into this! It has a little bit of everything, love, mystery, and crime.  Now I got all three of these books as gifts at one point or another but I am 90% sure that both the last two I mentioned are Christian fiction so they are very wholesome, sweet stories :). If they sound interesting definitely check them out. I recommend it!


I  have a few new things that I am loving this month, first up is caffeine! So I have never been a big fan of hot coffee but I do love iced coffee and used to go to Starbucks daily to get it. However, that slowed down a lot when I got pregnant and now that I have a baby at home it’s honestly not that easy to get out of the house anymore. Maybe that’s just me being lazy 🤷🏽‍♀️ but it is true having a baby definitely makes everything take 10 times as long (not that I would trade it for the world). Now that I have made this the longest introduction EVER, I just wanted to be able to make iced coffee at home that tastes good. I tried pre made iced coffee drinks. I tried making coffee and then putting it in the fridge the night before and then pouring it over ice in the morning, but for some reason it just always tasted watery and just not good. BUT I HAVE FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT! Okay so last time my in-laws came to visit my mother-in-law knew how much I loved the coconut iced coffee from Starbucks (that they unfortunately stopped carrying here :/ ) so she brought me some coconut syrup she got off Amazon. SCORE! I am now on my second bottle of it lol. I just do the unsweetened iced Starbucks coffee that you can get from just about any grocery store, a little bit of that coconut syrup, and then some cream. You guys, it is heavenly!

Okay next favorite is the She Reads Truth Bible. I have just been using my Bible app for a while now, it is very convenient because when do I not have my phone? However there is just something about holding a physical Bible that I love. I have been seeing this one circulating around Instagram, so I decided to check it out!  It immediately drew me in, it is just so pretty. One feature that I love about this Bible is that there are little devotionals every few chapters, which make what you are reading a little more applicable, especially in the old testament books!

Last favorite I’m gonna mention is this new phone case I got off Amazon. I have been seeing these marble cases around and really wanted to try one so I just picked up a cheap one on Amazon. Story of my life over here, I think I seriously buy at least one thing from Amazon every week!! Anyway it was around $5 so despite the great reviews it got I really wasn’t expecting much. Boy was I pleasantly surprised! The quality is really good, its super shiny which I really wanted and it just gets two thumbs up all around.

Okay guys that’s it for this month’s update. I had so much fun putting pen to paper, metaphorically of course 😉 and writing down what’s going on in our world. I look forward to the months to come with the holiday season quickly approaching I am sure there will be plenty to talk about! I hope you enjoyed hearing all about it and have a great week!



2 thoughts on “September in review 

  1. Have been thinking about you lately and so loved reading your blog. I can believe how fast time has gone by and how much Warner has grown. So glad you’re a stay at home Mom so you don’t miss anything that he does as they grow up so fast. Love each day. Miss you but it sounds like life is treating you well. Much love to you, Ethan and Warner.

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