October in Review 

Hey guys, long time no see! Sorry for such a delay on this post. Long story short my grandmother became very sick and I went back to Tennessee to spend time with her and ended up being there for longer than I planned. I just needed some family time without any distractions. I feel like so much happened this month so this post is probably going to be a pretty long one. We went home to Clarksville at the beginning of October to visit family. In hindsight it was bittersweet since this was the last time that I was able to see my Nana and communicate with her. I am so thankful for that time we got to spend together since when I went home to see her at the end of the month she was completely nonresponsive to me. My Nana was such a huge part of my life. My grandparents moved to Tennessee when I was two years old so I don’t really ever remember a time with out her in my life. While there will not be a single day that goes by that I will not think about her or miss her, I am so happy that she isn’t in pain anymore and she is reunited with her family in heaven! It’s a hard pill to swallow that I no longer have any living grandparents, and a harder pill to swallow to think that my parents have lost both of their parents. I cannot imagine how hard that must be for them. It’s times like these that I can only find comfort from my heavenly Father who promises He has made many rooms in his house for me and the rest of my family. I know that we will see each other again in a place where there is no pain or suffering and for that I am grateful.

T H E   P U M P K I N   P A T C H

When we were home at the beginning of the month we all went to the pumpkin patch which was so fun! I haven’t been there since I was a little kiddo so it was so fun to take Warner there and see him exploring the pumpkins all around him! Hopefully we will be living close enough to Tennessee for a while so we can make it a tradition.



Warner turned 7 months old this month! He is now 19 pounds and 28 inches long! He is still rolling all over the place and now trying so hard to crawl! I predict that he will be crawling everywhere in the next couple weeks! Also I touched a little bit on Warner having Toricollis in a prior post. He went to the physical therapist last week and she thought he was doing great! She just wants to see him one more time in December and that’s it! So thankful he is doing well and right on track with where he should be developmentally. 🙂 He is doing a lot better with baby food, I think he is finally catching on and might even be starting to like it! His favorites are sweet potatoes, carrots, sweet peas, and honey crisp apples.

G O O D   R E A D S


I read a pretty good variety of books this month! The first was “Talking as Fast as I Can” by Lauren Graham and I absolutely loved this book. It was light hearted and just a fun read. I highly recommend it if you like the autobiographical type books! The next book that I read was “Unshakable Trust” by Joyce Meyer. Now I’m not going to lie I really don’t like listening to Joyce,  I don’t know why but I just don’t. However I do love what she has to say and think she is a great teacher. I have read a few of her books and they never disappoint. I like these types of books because I can just read a chapter or two a day when I read my bible and it’s always just a really applicable and realistic way to do life and let Jesus lead and help you. Joyce just speaks to me the way she writes and shares her life experiences. If you like her or haven’t ever checked her stuff out I would definitely recommend this one. The third book I read was “The Mountain Between Us.” I am sure you know this book is being adapted to a movie. When I saw the trailer I thought it looked interesting and figured, “Yeah with a baby I’m not going to be seeing that anytime soon,” so I decided to just read it. This was an interesting story of survival and love, I definitely give it two thumbs up. The last book that I read was the “Wedding Dress” which was just a good old fashion love story, who doesn’t love that? I know I do! This was such a sweet book and I highly recommend it!



I have a couple of fashion and beauty favorites this month. First up the military jacket (I will be doing a post next week on my favorite ways to style this bad boy). It is still pretty hot here in Alabama on the regular, however when I was in Clarksville the temperatures were perfect for this kind of Jacket! Next up are these jeans from Loft. I love these jeans so much and have been wearing them non stop! I love the fit so much, and it’s  probably because they are petite. I will also have these in my next post! Lastly is this Morphe Bronzed Mocha eye shadow palette, I didn’t pick this up until the end of the month but OMG I’ve been playing around with it every day since and I am LOVING IT! The best part is it’s only $18! That’s right, and for all those colors! Whether you have been into makeup for a long time or are just starting out this is a really versatile palette that anyone can use!

Okay that’s it for this months update, I hope you guys are off to a great Novemeber and I will see you in the next post where I will be talking to all about my favorite ways to style a military inspired jacket!



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