December in Review



We went back to Tennessee to celebrate the holidays, which was so fun because it was Warner’s first Christmas. Spending time with our family is absolutely my favorite thing to do by far. Ethan’s sister, her husband, and their two little babes were in town too and it is always so sweet seeing them and spending time with them. It is too fun seeing Warner with his cousins. I treasure the time they get to spend together and pray that there will be so much more of it in the future. Also my uncle and cousin Lauren came from Texas which was fun because I was 13 when Lauren was born, so I love getting to see her at 15 with my son. OMG that makes me feel old but also so happy 😊. She is such a sweet, beautiful young lady. I can’t wait to see all the great things she will do and the woman she grows up to be! I would like to add that I won Monopoly for the first time ever, and most importantly I beat Ethan. 😜 Also I am absolutely giddy about getting a camera for Christmas. I CANNOT wait for warmer weather so we can get outside and start taking tons of pictures (of Warner of course, my favorite subject for a photoshoot lol).




I can’t believe another month has flown by, Warner turned 9 months old this month. I feel like so much has happened with him in December, where do I start? So I must have been a little off on Warner’s weight and height last month because when we went to his 9 month check up they hadn’t really changed. I guess that’s because I just can’t get the measurements as precise as the doctor’s office does. Anywho he was about 30 inches and 20 pounds. I don’t think that I mentioned his teeth situation in the last month’s update. He now has 3 teeth, the two on the bottom and one on the top. He is still nursing 5 times a day and additionally I give him 2 or 3 solid food snacks a day to eat when I sit down to eat. He really loves green beans, sweet peas, bananas 🍌 , puffs, and sweet potatoes 🍠. Warner got a little toy walker for Christmas that he can push around and he LOVES it. He is just getting around everywhere. He is also full on crawling EVERYWHERE now and he is SO fast.

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