Zara Mini Baby Haul

So if you are a boy mom then I don’t need to tell you that it is SOOOO hard to find cute stuff for them! You walk into any store and there is a HUGE selection of girl things that are so adorable and you make your way over to the boys section and whomp, whomp, whomp, it’s a fraction of the size of the girls section and the stuff isn’t even that cute. Well Zara Baby is here to answer all your prayers for all cute things baby boy! PLUS not only are their clothes adorable but they are affordable and have the biggest selection! Zara is my FAVORITE go-to place for baby clothes and if you aren’t already shopping there for your kiddos you should be! Warner has worn these clothes and I’ve washed them again and again and they continue to remain in great shape! I did my best attempt at taking some pictures of Warner that show off how stinking cute these clothes are! Mind you this child does not walk yet so getting standing up pictures is quite the challenge because he just wanted to crawl away every time I stood him up haha. So bare with me here lol.

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