What’s In My Diaper Bag?

I absolutely love watching what’s in my diaper bag videos or blogs about them. Maybe because we are inherently nosy by nature. I don’t know, but either way I’ve been carrying one for about a year now and I’ve really narrowed down what I carry in it and thought I would share with you guys! I have the Skip Hop Chelsea Downtown Chic Diaper Backpack, wooo…. that’s a long name. I have been using this one for about a year now and I really love it. It’s big enough to carry all you need but not too big and bulky. I also like that it is just simple, black, and doesn’t really stand out as a diaper bag. You could also used it was a purse.

First a foremost… diapers ( I usually keep 4-5), wipes, and little baggies for dirty diapers! Yep. That’s a must have for a diaper bag lol. I have been using Huggies Little Movers for a while and I really like them. However, I’m not a big fan of the Huggies wipes but I love the Pamper Sensitive wipes!

Next up Wet Ones I love these things way more than liquid hand sanitizers, they really feel like you are cleaning your hands versus just spreading something around on your hands. They just feel so much more clean to me! So with the flu being so bad this year I have definitely stepped up the sanitizing game and these pacifier wipes are just the thing to do it! They are alcohol free, food grade materials, and totally safe for little man which I love plus it kills all those germs. 👌🏼 I’ve also started carrying these little adhesive placemats for if we are eating out so that there is a clean surface for Warner to eat off of (thanks for the idea Chick-fil-A).

I like to just keep these little pouches for Warner in the bag in case of a food emergency lol. I am not picky about the brand I just like there to be at least one veggie in them! Warner has been loving them lately. I also carry Puffs they are just nice mess free snack on the go.

I used to have to keep like three sets of extra clothes in the diaper bag at all times because of all that spit up action going on. Now that that isn’t really an issue anymore since Warner is getting older I just keep one outfit.

Lastly, I keep a little toy in the bag whether it be a book or something small. This time when I pulled everything out it was this little helicopter. Warner is working on his sixth tooth right now, maybe more so I also have a teether. I didn’t take a picture of it but I also usually keep a Cliff bar or something like that in the bag for myself, cause it ain’t fun when mama gets hangry am I right? I hope this little insight into my bag maybe gave you some ideas for yours!


Comfy Valentines Look

Ethan’s going to be out of town on Valentine’s Day due to work sooooo, it’s gonna be a cozy night in for me and my little man. I found this comfy graphic tee at Target and had to have it! I am a huge sucker for a comfy cardigan and this one from the new line at Target (Universal Threads) completely fits the bill! It’s thick and substantial in quality. I am totally LOVING it. Okay now for these shoes!!! Picked these up at Target a few weeks back and I have been wearing them EVERYWHERE. Love the little lift they give this shorty! Necklace is from 6th Borough Boutique. So basically what we can gather from this post is that I am completely obsessed with Target.